About Kosher Capper

Bernie Waldman, a.k.a. Kosher Capper, is someone who's been studying sportsbooks for years.

Kosher Capper is one of the biggest sports consultants in the industry. With twenty-five years of expertise under his belt, he possesses unparalleled wisdom on the mysterious and often overwhelming field of sports betting.

Seneca the Younger once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” And this is exactly what young Bernie learned when he made his entrance into the betting world. He started his gambling career at the very young age of sixteen years old. He had no experience nor a mentor to guide him on how to make winning bets. Young Bernie observed everyone around him and took mental notes of what the greats were doing. He started out with small, tame bets, as he didn’t have the confidence to go all in. It would be a long time before his efforts would pay off.

By the age of 21, Bernie had written his own sportsbook for his Brooklyn neighborhood. That football season, he profited $70,000 in just four months. That was when he finally realized just how much money there was in the sports betting world.

The more time he spent, the more he learned the tricks of the game. Bernie studied everything, like what matchups to focus on and what to look for in the point spread. He devotes a lot of research into what goes into picking a winner—he even looks at weather reports. His method is meticulous; he tries to get as much information on what the team was doing the days before the game, such as how they are feeling physically and mentally. This information, he found out, is crucial in accurately predicting which team will bring in the big bucks.

The name Kosher Capper came to him when he was already thirty years old. Bernie was born Jewish, and he always wears a kippah on his head. At this point in his life, he was ready to settle down and start a family. Bernie made the major decision to give up gambling to follow more closely the Jewish standards of living. He gave up the book, but to compromise, he started giving his buddies his picks for a small fee every week. It was wildly successful, and that’s how the Kosher Capper managed to stay in the gambling industry, albeit indirectly. He gained even more popularity when Instagram blew up. Every day, he charges a very small fee for his daily picks, which is usually four to five games. 

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